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We are a family of custom corrugated packaging companies who make a difference.

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Founded in 1985, Welch Packaging is a multi-generational, family-owned and led business. We create custom corrugated products and packaging solutions for local customers, operating a network of corrugated sheet plants supported by our own sheet feeder system. 


Welch associates are committed to providing the Ultimate Corrugated Experience to customers and engaging with the company cause – To Make a Difference! With a purpose-driven family culture, we have a history of integrating other corrugated sheet plants while preserving their legacy.









Packaging Supply


We create reliable solutions.

Most of the corrugated sheets we convert into boxes are produced in-house, allowing us to control our supply and provide you with consistent quality, availability, and lower costs.


Our History

Elkhart Container in 1985
Founded Elkhart Container

Welch Packaging was created April 15, 1985 as Elkhart Container Inc by M Scott Welch and Don Kindt, a silent partner. The business started with basic box making equipment in a 25,000 sq ft building at 530 Riverview Avenue. The company had 4 associates; Scott Welch, Roger Wartsler, Darlyn Smale, and Cliff Wilson. At the end of 1985, the company had added Dave Miller, Darnell Jett, and Jeff Pawlak who are still with the company.


Providing the Ultimate Corrugated Experience since 1985.


Welch Packaging employees sharing unique box designs with customers

Making a difference for

Our Customers

Our goal  is to create and manufacture the ultimate corrugated experience for our customers. This includes optimizing our customers' packaging, creating the highest quality products, and delivering them on time. We offer a range of services from packaging audits to graphic design that help reduce customer costs, increase product visibility, and make a positive difference in the businesses we serve.

Employee speaking to children in a factory

Our Cause

We are committed to making a difference for our customers, associates, and local community. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality service and products. We are dedicated to the success and development of our associates. We also believe in giving back to our community by supporting local initiatives and charities.

Making a difference for

Our Associates

We strive to provide opportunities to grow, develop and thrive within our organization.

We believe in a supportive and collaborative environment that encourages lasting connections and development. If you’re seeking a rewarding career journey, we invite you to become a part of our team by applying below.

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Children in line at toys for tots

Making a difference in

Our Communites

We believe that supporting our communities and giving back is an honored responsibility. Each of our locations actively participate in monthly initiatives to support local charities and community events. It's a privilege to extend our support to both national and local charitable organizations within our reach. We are the proud partner of over 250 local organizations, contributing to the betterment of our communities.



Commitment to


While cardboard boxes are inherently recyclable, we work to create solutions that require less packaging. We use board grades that use 100% recycled material, recycle 91% of our scrap, and 95% of our products are recycled and reused.

Corrugated Recycles logo

The Corrugated Recycles logo is placed on every box to let end users know that all of our boxes can and should be recycled. We are a proud user and supporter of this symbol.

GMI logo

Specific Welch locations have been audited and certified by Graphic Measures International (GMI). GMI certifies, monitors and measures the performance of packaging suppliers. This allows brand owners more control over the variables through print facility certification and scientific, repeatable measurement of global packaging. GMI works with their clients, their product vendors and packaging suppliers to establish processes that effectively manage production, enhance packaging quality and build brand equity.

Sustainable Foresty Initiative logo

Our Chicago location is proudly certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) ® Certified Sourcing Standard. The SFI program promotes responsible forestry practices. While the corrugated boxes we produce are 100% recyclable and consist of a high percentage of recycled materials, you can be confident that with our SFI certification the balance of the corrugated board is coming from a responsible source.

AIB international logo

Specific locations have participated in the AIB auditing process and are approved for non-contract packaging. AIB provides Food Safety Inspections, Audits and Certifications, Food Safety Education and Research & Technical Services. AIB's renowned School of Baking offers the best educational experience in the baking industry to students from North America and around the world.

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