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Welch Packaging Cleveland

6090 Hillcrest Dr.
Valley View, OH 44125

Welch Cleveland designs creative packaging solutions for the variety of industries in Cleveland and surrounding areas.

With five interstate highways, multiple ports, rail yards, and an international airport, it is no wonder that Cleveland, OH has grown to become such a bustling city. These distribution avenues have aided Cleveland to grow not only their steel and manufacturing industries but biomedical and technological industries as well.

Welch Packaging Cleveland joined the team in 2005 and hasn't looked back since.

Servicing the custom box needs of the surrounding industries, Welch Packaging Cleveland has two specific points of pride. The first is the packaging design team's ability to consistently design creative packaging for the demanding needs of the local metal fabrication, automotive, medical, and produce industries. The second point of pride comes from the associates' ability to manufacture those boxes quickly and accurately to maintain the on-time delivery promise we make.

Metal Fabrication
A network of plants, built to support you.

Founded in 1985 as Elkhart Container, Welch Packaging has grown into a network of corrugated manufacturing companies across the Midwest, Midsouth, and expanding into the Mid-Atlantic. Every facility is focused on creating custom packaging solutions for the local market. But with the support of a large network, Welch Packaging companies have access to the knowledge, resources, and capabilities to provide all of your packaging needs.

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