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Industrial Packaging

Corrugated box warehouse

Optimize costs & get your products to market safely.

We work to streamline your packaging processes while ensuring the safety of products during transit. By listening to your needs, we offer an array of packaging styles and strength of materials engineered to help meet your business objectives.

A vartiety of industrial cardboard packaging box options

Streamline proceses

Increase product protection

Reduce assembly times

Reduce costs

Reduce workman's comp claims

Cardboard Boxes

Our regular slotted containers can be made and delivered quickly to keep your production lines up and running. OPFs and five panel folders are great for securing products using less material.

Custom Corrugated Boxes

Custom cardboard boxes are designed for your specific needs. Whether it's to save packaging time or to resist crushing, we listen to your requirements to design what works best for you!

Direct Print Boxes

We have award winning direct print capabilities. Able to print up to 6 colors to distinguish your packaging from the competition.

Gaylord Boxes and Bulk Bins

These large bins have three or more plys of corrugated, extrememly high bursting and edge-crushing strengths, and resist puncturing. Perfect for produce, large automotive parts, or raw materials.

Die Cut Boxes and Buildups

Made in nearly any size or shape, these boxes can speed up packing times or better protect your products.

Auto-Lock Boxes

Built for speed, these pre-glued folding cartons are some of the fastest packaging solutions available.

Pre-Glued Trays

Folded flat to increase storage and shipping space, pre-glued trays typically hold canned goods, produce, prepackaged foods and more.

Pop-Up Inserts

No assembly or tape required, inserts are manufactured to best fit for your products, adding an extra layer of protection for delicate items.

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What Customers Say

After collaborating with the Shipping Manager and Purchaser, Welch decided it was best to train the staff to adapt how containers were packed and unitized rather than order multiple box styles. The solutions have worked perfectly for months now at no additional cost or disruption to our supply chain.

"Trained staff to look for cost savings."

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