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Corrugator Operations

Corrugated Sheet plant
Trust in reliable solutions.

Material shortages pose a significant challenge in the corrugated industry, often disrupting the supply chain. Our corrugator operations work to avoid this issue. By overseeing production of corrugated sheets in-house, we ensure consistent availability and minimize the impact of potential disruptions to your operations.

Custom Board Grades for Your Needs

With our own corrugators, we have the capability to create custom board grades specifically engineered to be lighter, stronger, and more resource-efficient than traditional board grades.

Our custom board graded include:


E, B, and C Flute
  • Cost-effective solution for lightweight grades.

  • Reduced freight weight.

  • Less material.

  • Smaller environmental footprint.


BC Double Wall
  • Cost-effective solution for double-wall boxes.

  • Enhanced stacking strength and cushioning.

  • Excellent alternative to traditional 42 ECT, 48 ECT, and 55 ECT packaging.


EB Double Wall
  • Replacement for heavy single wall or light double wall packaging.

  • High performance, lightweight, and slimmer flute design

  • Outstanding print quality, edge crush resistance, and bursting strength.

  • Requires less space than traditional CB double wall. (125 vs. 75 per pallet)

  • Enjoy enhanced strength, print quality, and flute characteristics equivalent to 44 ECT with no additional cost.

Employees handling corrugated sheets
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