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Boxes on Conveyor Roller

Box Basics

When it comes to boxes, there's a lot to know. This is handy guide will walk you through the basics of corrugated packaging.

What is Corrugated?

In box manufacturing, CORRUGATED, generally refers to the finished product, resulting when layers of material (i.e., paper) are sandwiched (i.e., glued) together, alternating between fluted and flat material.



Sheet or Board


Corrugated Variations

Corrugated is manufactured and available in nearly countless varieties on account of the possible combinations of different liners, mediums, basis weights and multiple layer construction.

Liner Board Variations

Kraft Liner - Natural brown color

Mottle White Liner - Not pure white, clay coating on top

Bleach White Liner - Pure white all the way through on both sides

Colored liner - flood coat print (eg. blue, red, etc.)

Coatings - michelman, wax, etc


Single Face

Single Wall

Double Wall

Triple Wall

Corrugated Flutes and Thickness


Flutes Per Inch: 8/in

Thickness: 1/32"

Flutes Per Inch: 7/in

Thickness: 1/16"

Flutes Per Inch: 4/in

Thickness: 3/16"

Flutes Per Inch: 5/in

Thickness: 1/8"

Flutes Per Inch: 3/in

Thickness: 1/4"

F Flute

E Flute

C Flute

B Flute

A Flute

BC Flute


Thickness: 5/16"

EB Flute


Thickness: 3/16"


E Flute



Excellent crush resistance and exceptional printing surface.

Excellent crush and puncture resistance and is a great printing surface.

A good printing surface. It has compression properties greater than B flute and offers crush resistance.

Examples: Displays, pizza boxes, ballot boxes, packaging of consumer goods such as cosmetics.

Examples: Inner packaging components such as pads and partitions. Counter displays, canned food items, die-cut boxes.

Examples: Shipping boxes, food, furniture, etc.

Pad: 600/unit

RSC: 300/unit

Pad: 350/unit

RSC: 175/unit

Pad: 250/unit

RSC: 125/unit

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