Service discipline

At Welch Packaging, we display a "Yes We Can" attitude each and every day. What does this mean for you? Quite simply, there will always be a solution to every problem. We accept challenges and enjoy working with our customers to help fulfill their need for corrugated boxes.

custom boxes

quick turns

We pride ourselves on our ability to fill order requests quickly. However, it is not only important for us to fill orders quickly, but also to do the smaller things well such as return quotes for custom cardboard boxes within hours, deliver custom packaging design samples within days, and return phone calls or emails within minutes. Also, our fast set-up equipment along with our own fleet of trucks allows us to quickly respond to your needs. Exceeding delivery expectations is at the core of what Welch Packaging does.

contract hand assembly

vast equipment mix

Our broad range of equipment enables us to manufacture the best, most creative corrugated boxes for our customers. Whether you need ordinary corrugated boxes or a custom packaging design, we have the ability to produce almost any size, style, and quantity of custom cardboard boxes. Our equipment provides our customers an insurance policy knowing that most corrugated boxes can be converted on more than one piece of equipment in our plant or at another Welch Packaging Facility.

Multiple packaging designers

Our 6 person team of custom packaging designers (including 2 graphic designers) equates to quick turns on customized packaging designs. Our depth allows us the ability to visit our customers' facilities to find new packaging solutions to help lower packaging costs. We view our custom packaging design team as simply another resource to assist our business partners in the cost reduction process.