In the spring of 1985, a small company was born with the vision of making a difference in their customers’ businesses, their associates’ lives, and their communities. Nearly 35 years later, that vision continues to be realized throughout the Welch Packaging organization.

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Welch has a long history of donating to local charities and organizations. From underwriting local theatre productions to sponsoring literacy programs aimed at children to donating collection bins for food drives and Toys for Tots, Welch tries to make as large of an impact throughout their communities as possible.

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In 2018, Welch Packaging was approached by Acts of Service, a local organization seeking to pair nonprofit and community organizations with volunteers. 2000 service hours were pledged by Welch that year. 2019 would see them more than double that pledge.

The goal of donating 5000 service hours was a daunting goal. However, Welch is known for saying “Yes, we can.” With a workforce of just over 1000, this meant that each person would need to donate an average of five hours.

To accomplish this goal, Welch would need to call upon every location and every associate. While there were too many projects to list, every plant answered the call. Welch Toledo threw a Christmas party at a local homeless shelter where families played games and decorated cookies. Detroit had 16 volunteer’s help Earthworks Farm tend to the fields that are responsible for providing vegetables for Detroit’s Capu-chin Soup Kitchen, Chicago built Fighter Pack boxes to children who are battling various types of illnesses. The home office in Elkhart, IN gathered over 125 associates to help build children’s beds for less fortunate families.

At the end of the year when all the hours were tallied, the associates of Welch Packaging were able to give back over 9200 hours! Going above and beyond for their customers is common, now they are doing the same for their communities.